Robin Williams: Parkinson’s Disease, Depression, And Why The Judgmentals Can Get Stuffed

My grandfather passed away.

Months ago, actually.

And I didn’t tell many people about it, for various reasons. We weren’t close. He wasn’t the epitome of a good man, or a good husband, or a good father to my mom (in fact, it could be said that he was the opposite). Continue reading “Robin Williams: Parkinson’s Disease, Depression, And Why The Judgmentals Can Get Stuffed”


Dreaming the Life

2013 and the holidays and my birthday all flew by before I knew they were gone, but now that things are slowing down and I have a moment to catch my breath and take stock of my life, two things are abundantly clear.

I am very very happy, and I miss my sister terribly. Continue reading “Dreaming the Life”

Death Will Tremble

 “Il y a toujours après la mort de quelqu’un comme une stupéfaction qui se dégage, tant il est difficile de comprendre cette survenue du néant et de se résigner à y croire.”

“After a person dies, there is always something like a feeling of stupefaction, so difficult it is to comprehend this unexpected advent of nothingness and to resign oneself to believe it.”

-from Madame Bovary  by Gustave Flaubert

Continue reading “Death Will Tremble”


I don’t know why I’m yelling. LOUD NOISES.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m tired and slightly tipsy off the middle finger of honey whiskey I had after dinner (fun fact: I’m a complete lightweight again)…but I can’t sleep.

There’s a physiological reason for it, and I suppose it’s good news: I’m officially 100% off my antidepressant. Continue reading “SHE’S OFF HER MEDS”