What’s Up Wednesday: #ReadySetWrite!

Yikes, I’m barely making it in under the wire with this, but let’s just pretend we’re on Hawaii time or something, because I’m finally getting my very first What’s Up Wednesday post up!

I don’t usually do such structured scheduled posts…but maybe some structure is just what I need to commit to writing more often. The gals behind #ReadySetWrite (spoiler alert, we’ll get to that in a sec) have this great weekly post called, you guessed it, What’s Up Wednesday. Four quick headings to check in once a week…and a good way to keep me focused on getting a post up for my upcoming weekly Fiction Fridays. But more on that later.

Without further ado, here’s the first of many What’s Up Wednesday posts!

What's up? Wednesdays are up, that's what.
What’s up? Wednesdays are up, that’s what.


My unhealthy obsession with Neil Gaiman has only gotten worse since starting his Smoke & Mirrors anthology. I can’t recommend this volume of short stories highly enough. I’ll be honest: I feel like a terrible friend because I’m still behind on several books my impossibly talented author friends have written, but I’ve been so enchanted by Gaiman’s work that I haven’t been able to focus on anything else. (I swear, guys, I’ll get caught up soon!)

Also, my lovely ladies Shannon and Shelly and I were joking about starting a Babysitters Club book club, but I wasn’t joking. I seriously want to do it. Rereading the super specials as an adult? Um, YES PLEASE. After all these years, I still refuse to get rid of my complete BSC collection, much to Donnie’s annoyance, but I don’t care. You know why? Because it’s time to say hello to your friends, say hello to the peeeeople who care! Nothing is better than friends, ’cause you know that your friends are always theeeere!


Moving on.


Well, since I’ve been obsessed with Neil Gaiman’s whimsically twisted short stories, it should come as no surprise that I’m working on a series of short stories with a dark comedy slash fantasy twist.

But wait! There’s more! Like I mentioned earlier, I’m taking part in the summer writing dash #ReadySetWrite. I’ve been working on the same WIP for nearly a year and I’ve completed stalled out. I’m hoping to stir up my creative juices with a couple of short stories to get my head in the game, but my long term RSW goal is to get a first draft finished by the end of the summer. I know myself well enough to not pressure myself with a daily word count, but if I can write 5,000 words a week, I’ll be happy with my progress over the next few months.



Honestly, if it weren’t for the encouragement and support of my tweethearts like Alice aka @Kangaru, @AmberWest, Scott aka @BCRationalist, and Bev aka @Arthes, I wouldn’t even be taking part in this, or any writing therapy. I’d let my blog languish and die and stop bathing and give up on answering my texts and emails (because I’m SO good at returning them right now)…okay, that’s dramatic. I’m not actually going to turn into the Sloth guy from Se7en (don’t google that if you’re squeamish, TRUST me). But I owe a lot to my cheerleaders. So until I can do it for me, I’m doing it because I have these guys and gals on my side.


I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching about my priorities and goals lately…well, by lately, I mean “today.” It started with writing goals and word count, but it kind of spiraled out of control into “what do I really want to accomplish?”

Here’s the thing: we moved out to L.A. over three years ago to try to break into “the industry” as TV writers…and quickly learned that all the advice we’d gotten from our screenwriting mentors were bupkis. Breaking up in is hard to dooooo. So I busied myself with what I considered “temporary” work for a long time. Nothing felt long term, none of the jobs I’ve had since moving here have been lifer jobs…until now. I love what I do. I’ve been waiting so long for my “break,” but I didn’t realized that I’d already stumbled onto something I’m really happy doing, at a company that I can see myself growing at for a long, long time.

And since the universe has a HILARIOUS sense of timing, of course today I got offered the opportunity of a lifetime, the kind of opportunity that I thought I’ve been waiting for. But now that it’s here, now that I’ve really thought about it and talked it over with Donnie and my sister and my dad…as hard as it is, I have to admit that I don’t want the same things I used to want. I’ve never been the one to make the conservative play. I’ve always been of the “no risk, no reward” mentality…but this time, I’m choosing the path of stability and comfort and settling down. And it’s the most relieved AND grown up I’ve felt in my 27 years.

Does this mean I’m finally a real adult?


That makes me feel a little better...thanks, Walt.
That makes me feel a little better…. Thanks, Walt.

11 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday: #ReadySetWrite!

  1. YAY, Nicole! I’m so glad you’re joining in on the RSW thing, and I am blushing from your shout-out. *hearts* I think we’ve talked about this before, but the internet peeps (and especially the writer-types) can be so supportive. I think this will be good for us (it’s helping me blog too, hah), and your goals for this are great! You can totally do this!

    Also, the universe really does have a funny sense of timing, doesn’t it? Sounds like you made the right decision for you and that you had a great soul-searching break through. There are never enough of those. I’m pretty sure I’m still waiting for mine (I’m like the opposite of you – way too chicken to do the risky thing, hah), but YAY WRITING! Hope we hear a bit more about your WIP in the weeks to come. 🙂

    1. Nicole Mojan Pirshafiey

      I’m so glad you told me about it and encouraged me to do it! I pinky swears, I wouldn’t be getting back to a good place without your support. It’s funny how online friends can do just as much good as IRL friends, bless your stinkin’ heart.

      Also, and don’t take this the wrong way, but maybe you don’t NEED a big soul-searching moment yet, or right at this moment, if that makes any sense. I don’t know, I’m sure you’ve experienced the same ennui and existential crises I have (we’re writers, it kind of comes standard :D), but maybe you’ve played it safe enough that you haven’t been pushed to the point where you need that “OMG LIGHTBULB what is this clarity all sudden and new” moment. And even though I wouldn’t wish that kind of self-doubt on anyone, especially someone I really like!, I hope if you need it you find your AHA moment with as little bloodsweatandtears as possible. ❤

  2. So many FEEEEELS!

    I’m so glad I can be part of your cheering corner. (Just not pyramids or high kicks, k? The ankles are weak and I don’t like wearing bloomer with “FIGHT!” across the butt past 30 – unless of course I’m involved in some really weird fight-to-the-death cage match, cause, you know DISTRACTIONS!)


    I’m really proud of you for so many things. And super happy that you have a place of stability and comfort – the happiness that comes with that makes a world of difference sometimes, and it doesn’t negate the fun, super-awesome possibilities that are still in store (especially when it comes to your writing life).

    You did forget ONE category: WHAT I’M RESEARCHING – How to put together a podcast with East Coast you. 😉

    1. Nicole Mojan Pirshafiey

      I’m so glad that you ARE part of my cheering corner! Sometimes I get a little weird and panicky about “what if I’d never worked at LoveIt and Lindsay hadn’t told me she thought we’d get along and I’d never followed you and we just would have gone on living our lives without knowing the other existed OH GOD I’M BLACKING OUT HEEEELP MEEEEEEEEE.”


      This is what the medication is for. 😉

      But seriously, thank you thank you thank you. I honestly feel like I can have my cake and eat it too if I follow in your footsteps. I want to write. I want to be a mother. I want both without sacrificing one or the other, and I’ve always thought there’d come a time when I’d have to choose. Now I know I don’t have to. ❤

      Oh, and as for "WHAT I'M RESEARCHING"…well, you know what River Song would say. SPOILERS!

  3. Bev

    Damn, the only thing I’ve previously “inspired” is a riot. Now see what you’ve done? You’ve turned me into an unreliable narrator since I am genetically incapable of inspiring a riot and have never done any such thing.

    I love your writing goals since that means more of your writing will exist! Now I’m picturing you at a clean desk stocked with fresh notebooks, multicolored post-it pads, three pens (green, red, purple), a stack of index cards, and a battered mass market copy of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. Wait, what year is it? You’re laying on the couch with your laptop, aren’t you?

    Ready to be severely disappointed in me? The only Gaiman I’ve read is Anasazi Boys, and I felt “meh” about it. And I have never read a Babysitters Club book. Now you know. Judge away.

    Don’t worry about becoming an adult. I have a mortgage and everything, but fart jokes are still hilarious.

    1. Nicole Mojan Pirshafiey

      You as an unreliable narrator is still a better narrator than 99% of narrators out there (Say NARRATOR again.)

      As for the mental image of my writing posture: I’m the worst. I have a perfect office set up with motivational quotes about writing and a whiteboard with content ideas and pens of FIVE colors (plus highlighters, because you never know)…but I’m outside with my laptop on the deck, on the little pine table I forced Donnie to let us buy even though he hates the outdoors. I’m like John Muir meets Bill Gates, only less beardy.

      Oh, and don’t feel bad about not being thrilled by that particular Gaiman story. It’s prob my least fave. I highly recommend Good Omens. It’s delightfully sacrilegious and clever beyond compare. You’d dig it.

  4. So happy you’re joining us for What’s Up Wednesday and Ready. Set. WRITE! 😀 I think we can all use the extra kick in the pants to get some writing done this summer. Putting your goals out there for everyone to see is a great motivator, I think. Plus, who doesn’t love a good cheering section? 🙂 I think your writing goals sound fantastic. And setting a weekly word goal is a great idea. That way if you happen to write tons one day and none the next, no worries.

    I think that Babysitters Club book club sounds like a riot. I was SUCH a fan growing up. I can’t remember if I kept my BSC books or not. Something tells me I may have parted with them awhile back. 😦

    Nice to meet you, Nicole! Good luck with your writing goals.

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  6. Nicole Mojan Pirshafiey

    Aw, thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad that I came across the writing initiatives you and the rest of the gang have been kind enough to share with us…I really needed something to light a fire under my writer’s block suffering tush, and this is just what I needed. THANKS!!

    Also, I’m horrified that a fellow BSC member is lacking her collection. I think I’d be heartbroken if I went to buy new copies and the original artwork had been replaced. STACEY IT’S LIKE I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU ANY MORE!

  7. I think 5k a week is do-able if you know that you can sit 5 separate times and churn out 1k. I think it’s easier to break down goals into smaller pieces–that seems manageable if you have a few hours a day to devote to it. I hope you are successful! Even if not, there is always next week.

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