Aloha Oe: Kauai, Here We Come!

In less than two weeks, Donnie and I will hit the 10 year mark in our relationship. And while that fact is enough to warrant its own blog post (oh, don’t worry, it’s gonna happen), there’s something we haven’t done yet, and I’m simply giddy that it’s going to be fixed soon.

Wait, NO, it has nothing to do with tying any knots. Not yet. EVERYONE CALM DOWN, false alarm.


Until further notice, GPOY.

No, what we haven’t gotten around to doing yet is taking an honest to goodness vacation together. I mean, of course we’ve traveled together. We’ve stayed at nice hotels and gone on getaways, but never as a couple. Everywhere we’ve gone, we’ve always had company. I think because we’ve been together so long and we’re kind of platonic in front of other people (we’re both really icky on the whole PDA thing), that in the past it’s never crossed our fellow travelers’ minds that, no, we’d actually not rather share a room with anyone else. But that’s a super awkward conversation to have (“sorry, you can’t sit with us because we wanna do romantic grownup things” just doesn’t roll off the tongue). So we’ve always just kind of shrugged and went along with it.

Fortunately, that’s going to change. Because this October, we’re attending Brianne & Patric’s renewal ceremony…in Hawaii! I know, I know: Nicole, that is NOT in the Tater Tot Budget. But that’s just it: B & P have been trying to plan this since their courthouse wedding in March 2010 (and been thwarted at every turn by Army, but that’s another rant for another day). And since we’ve known that this trip would be happening eventually, we’ve been planning and budgeting so that we could be there for the big day. AND it just happened to work out kind of perfectly that this obligatory trip to Hawaii is just a few months after our 10th anniversary! (Okay, yes, it’s more than a few. It’s 8. I know, because I just counted on my fingers…just humor me, okay.) After the Honolulu ceremony on Friday, the honeymooners are, well, honeymooning, the parents are going on a cruise, and Donnie and I are island-hopping over to Kauai and staying an extra five days so that we can have our first real couple’s vacation.

We’ll be staying here: at Hanalei Bay on Kauai, aka Actual Paradise. SWOON. via weatherberg

I. Cannot. WAIT. I’m obsessed with this trip. I’m in Type A planning mode, and it’s kind of hilarious. You know what’s the funniest part? I have butterflies over this. I mean, I’ve lived with this goon for seven years. He’s asleep in our bed as I type this, and I could go stare right at his sleeping face if I wanted to. (Overly Attached Girlfriend ain’t got shit on me. Girl, your face called. Soccer practice is over and you need to PICK IT UP.) We fart in front of each other and fight about money and do all the things old married couples do, but the idea of going on a tropical getaway is reigniting those silly butterflies I had back in 11th grade when we first made out. It’s kind of adorable, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I’m being kind of a Hawaii bully and forcing Donnie to spend our portion of the vacation on Kauai, but that’s only because I’ve been there twice and it’s my happy place. Unfortunately, we want different things out of the trip: I want to kayak and hike and explore, and he wants to splash in the waves all day. Harrumph! We’re compromising, though: I’m only dragging him on one hike to Mount Waialeale (the rainiest spot on earth!) and he’s being a good sport and agreed to kayak the Wailua River and reenact scenes from Jurassic Park around the island’s shooting locations. I think I can live with that.

We’re gonna sing the SHIT out of Donnie’s lyrics to the JP theme. via david schooner photography

As for his aquatic plans for the rest of the trip, I plan on having plenty of entertaining panic attacks due to the flights/waves/existential contemplation of my smallness in the vast expanse of the ocean. In fact, I’m already having them preemptively! I’m so into planning this trip I’m already having water-terrors. That’s just dedication right there.

Speaking of which, I have a whole post about how I’m scared of water and boats coming up later this week. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Aloha Oe: Kauai, Here We Come!

  1. Kauai is where we (me and the sibs) sent my parents for an extra special anniversary trip a few years back. (And by sent, I mean we gave them some funds so they could feel good about spending the rest)

    My dad, the ever-unimpressed with everything has NEVER stopped talking about how much he loved it and wants to go back.

    So, I am SUPER excited for you! YAY! ::muppetflail::

  2. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I really truly just squealed. I’m excited that you are going on vacation and more excited that it’s in one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet (I don’t care that I make that assertion not having seen even a tiny percentage of places on the planet because my mind can’t comprehend them being more beautiful than Hawaii). I cannot wait to hear the report, particularly about the contemplation of the ocean’s vastness as it was one of my favorite emotional dumping grounds when I lived close to it. I am a tiny little vessel of existence and the emotion that would overcome me made barely a drop in the expanse of the ocean so I felt quite justified in depositing it there. Enjoy the wonderful anticipation of the next 8 months 😀

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