2011 > 2010

Wait, wait, you say: we’re only 10 days into 2011!  How can I already call the race?  Well, let me tell you: 2010 was a wild ride and an unforgettable year, but the grandest highs were countered with the lowest lows, and while all’s well that end’s well, 2010 served its purpose as “the foundation year” and laid the groundwork for 2011 to be the most kickass of kicky-assed years.

Why, you ask?  Excellent question, gentle reader!

Reason the First: I turned 25!  I know, I whined and pissed and moaned the entire month of December about my impending birthday, but my besties Jenna and Matt and Donald gave me the most amazing Ferris Bueller-adjacent birthday EVAR!!!1!one!  I can’t even describe the adventure we had that day.  I mean, I CAN…okay, here’s a sample.  When Matt and Jenna picked me up, they presented me with a contract and a set of instructions.  After I signed the contract, they let me read the fine print (which my attorney tells me is wholly illegal, but whatevs), and I was given my first clue.  After deciphering the clue, I had to direct the driver to the location in questions.  Upon arriving at my location, I was given a task to complete, with video and photographic evidence taken to document my success.  While en route, the words EXPECTO PATRONUM! would randomly be shouted out.  At those words, the car would immediately pull over, and the drive would only recommence upon the correct answering of a trivia question posed to me.  In summation: I came home with a thawed out jellyfish named Kenji, two shot glasses from the House of Blues, a handstamp from Disneyland, a flower I stole from a cemetery, a stolen menu from the symphony hall, an impromptu song I wrote on the fly, and more laughs and happy memories than I can shake a stick at.  My friends are the BEST.

Reason the Second: The day after my 25th birthday I had my weigh-in for the fitness boot camp I’m enrolled in.  Now, it’s Confession Wednesday: there’s a competition to see who can lose the most weight/body fat percentage, so what did I do?  I started stuffing my goddamn face with junk food so I could win.  Good news?  I never want to eat junk food again.  Bad news: I only gained 4 pounds.  Well, I say only, but I don’t mean it: I’m only 5’2, so every pound shows up exponentially on my dwarf frame.  Week One of boot camp is officially over, and the result?  I lost 4 pounds!  Which puts me back at my “throwing-the-competition” weight.

Now, here comes a tick in the Negative column: I swear to the almighty Cthulhu, the day I turned 25 I underwent a body transformation.  I may be short, but I’ve always found solace in my proportionality.  All my limbs are in a decent ratio, and my weight has always distributed evenly.  Until 25!  I woke up that morning, and all my excess weight had shifted overnight directly to my ass and hips.  It’s like my body realized that it’s babymaking o’clock!  UNACCEPTABLE!

So, I’ve lost four pounds, but I still have another twenty to lose directly from my Jenny from the Block ass.  11 weeks to go!  So I don’t even have to lose two pounds a week to make my goal.  Excellent.

Back to the good news, I’m getting depressed.

Reason the Third: I got a frakkin’ fabulous job at GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) as the Entertainment Media Fellow!  One of my major responsibilities is writing TV Gayed, a daily blog about what to watch on television.  You know what that means?  I get to watch and write about television.  I get to work somewhere I’m passionate about doing things I love.  And it’s flexible enough to allow me to pursue my own writing at the same time.  It’s the perfect job for me right now, and I’m so excited.  I’m in love with all my coworkers, I get to swear and wear jeans to work, and I’m just tickled pink.

Reason the Fourth: Two unbelievable writing opportunities have popped up simply because of my inability to mind my own business and not write e-mails and creepy notes to people.  You know you should continue in a writing career when every time you send a letter (or pass a note, which I still can’t believe I did), you find a new ally and make a new connection with hilarious, talented, likeminded people.  I won’t go into too much detail yet, but stay tuned because I’m super-excited.

So, looking back at the past year and forward to what’s to come this year, I’ve realized what an ungrateful little brat I am.  I have the most amazing friends, family, boyfriend  I could ask for.  Everyone in my family I consider a true friend, and all of my best friends are an inextricable part of my family.  I have a job I LOVE that combines my favorite things into one sassy little ball (television, writing, and LGBT advocacy? Seriously, it’s a dream job.).  I’ve got phenomenal opportunities to grow as a writer, from Ken entrusting me with his story enough to write the pilot on my own, to Mr. Paul Brown’s invaluable mentoring and book lending services, to the mere fact that I live in the BEST city in the country and I meet actors and writers and other people struggling for the art everywhere I go.

As Donnie put it, this is hereby The Year Of The Awesome.  All the struggle and tension and uncertainty of last year has laid the foundation for 2011 to be the best year ever.  EVER!


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