Home, sweet home.

It’s been two weeks since the Big Move, exactly fourteen days since we set up shop in Pasadena.  And you’d think that I’d get over my insane crush on California, that the honeymoon phase would be over by now.  No dice.  Not even close.  Every morning I wake up with a big stupid grin on my face.  I slip on my glasses, turn on the 40s station, put the kettle on while I make the bed, then sit down and drink a cup of tea while I revel in my new residency and play footsies under the table with my reclaimed homestate.

From there, the daily routine changes.  Most days, I hike through Eaton Canyon to the waterfall and write and write and write for hours.  Other days, I meet up with some of those hilarious, warm, welcoming new friends I wrote about earlier.  I couldn’t have gotten luckier than falling into this group of people.  And they like me, for some inexplicable reason…it’s really a compliment of the highest order that these guys and dolls enjoy my company.  Thursdays are Laundry Day.  There’s an adorable little laundromat on Colorado with free wi-fi and classical music, so I take all our clothes there once a week and listen to Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog (how could I not?!) and wash and rinse and fluff and fold.  Weekends, Donnie and I get in each other’s hair when we’re both in The Dollhouse for too long, so we get out and visit my family or go sight-seeing.  I took him to the Griffith Observatory for the first time, and he actually didn’t hate it.  It helps that Tuvok from Voyager was there and that we were the only ones who recognized him.

Since the move, I’ve been doing a ton of personal journaling (in an actual journal, pen and paper, if you can believe that…Luddite, party of one, your handcramp is ready), probably because there are new elements in my life that give me a ton to think about.  Not just think about…ponder about, stress about, agonize about, *squeee* about….  So I need to refocus and spend some time writing shit that will get me somewhere.  First stop: doing a major rewrite and polish of our pilot script. But every time I think “hey, now’s a good time to get started on that,” I also remember five other things I’d rather do.  Like this.  I should absolutely put some saran wrap over this blog and finish baking it after I’ve taken care of the baby, but I’m a terrible mother.

In other news, I have a very tiny dress to fit into in a very short amount of time.  Well, I guess “fit into” isn’t the right turn of phrase.  More like “look good in.”  I fit in it just fine, I just happen to look like 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag.  My original dress fit like a glove.  It was also to’ up from the flo’ up (it was the floor model and had been through the wringer), so I returned it only to find that the dress had been discontinued and they were all out of smalls.  Cut to me having to choose between an XL and an XS.  That’s a LOT of altering to go from a 12 to 4, so I figured I could stand to get in better shape and trim down to be able to rock the XS.  Fast forward to now, a month from the wedding, and I’m on track but the pressure is definitely on.  Also, my heaving bosom is going to cause quite a scandal in that dress.  I’m going to see if a tailor can gather the material to minimize the damage, but I’m not counting on it.  I had a friend who does costuming take a look and she pretty much laughed in my face when I suggested such a solution.  Vundebar!  I’ll be the Toast of Inappropriatefair!

So I made a list of things that I love about living here, and to be fair I made a list of things I miss about Phoenix.  Here goes.

A few things I love about my new home:

  • I don’t have an air conditioner at my house because I don’t  need one.  Summer’s still in full effect here, and it’s only 88 degrees.  I’m in a sweater.  WHAT.
  • Being outside during the afternoon reminds me of running around in Yorba Linda with my friends as a kid, and it’s totally energizing.
  • I see more mixed families than I can shake a stick at here! (TAKE THAT, HOMOGENOUS PHOENIX.)
  • I walk to the grocery store here down an oak-lined road past a park and a plant nursery.
  • My best friend only lives three miles away!
  • Our tiny house is the perfect size for two geeks, although I could definitely use some more shelf space for all my books.
  • Langer’s Delicatessen, home of the world’s most amazing pastrami sandwich. I ate half and thought about sticking the other half down my pants, but I took it home and had it for dinner instead.  I may have chosen wrong.
  • Speaking of Langer’s…long lunches and walks around the lake.
  • Speaking of long lunches…exploring Pasadena and being introduced some of the best this town has to offer, like teeny coffee shops (with Mexican hot chocolate!) and stationery stores.
  • Speaking of other long lunches…long dinners at super bitchin’ tucked away little places.
  • Speaking of all those…being adopted into a pretty amazing community of friends.
  • In Phoenix, when I wanted to go hiking I had to drive 45 minutes and sweat my ass off trudging up dusty dry ol’ Piestewa Peak.  Here, I’m a bike ride away from a beautiful green trail that leads to a waterfall.  A WATERFALL.
  • So much to do here.  SO MUCH.  Twenty minutes from Burbank and Downtown and all the events and museums and concerts and they hold.  AWESOMEEEEEEEE.
  • Everyone warned me about the prices–COST OF LIVING BLAH BLAH BLARGH!  But guess what?  Gas is cheaper here than in Phoenix.  Our bills have gone down.  There are free things to do in this city.  Upgrade.
  • I’m less than an hour away from almost everyone in my family.  That’s over 200+ who share my genetic code in a 50 miles radius.  Actually, I don’t know if that’s a good thing yet.  Stay tuned.
  • The lavender bush outside our living room window gets trimmed every Thursday and I nearly float away on the sweet breezes that waft into the house.
  • There’s a garden in our courtyard with pumpkins and berries and a big beautiful palm tree.
  • I don’t have to do yardwork!
  • My cats are happier.  Critter’s a cuddlemonster and Glen Coco doesn’t pick nearly as many fights with me as he used to.
  • The street I live on is lined with palm trees, not saguaros.  And there’s grass in EVERY yard!  Desert landscaping, what’s that?
  • There’s a vegan fast food joint next to a chicken and waffles joint next to a sushi delivery joint.  I live in NomNomNomTown.
  • I’ve only been here two weeks and I’ve already discovered all this to love.  Just think about what I’ll find next month, the month after that, a year from now!

The only things I miss about Phoenix:

  • My family.
  • My friends.
  • My plant that I completely forgot about on moving day.
  • Chino Bandido.

Over and out, ladies and gents.

Tune du Jour: Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova


3 thoughts on “Home, sweet home.

    1. bigenglish

      Haha, every time we drive past that place, Donnie and Jenna think the sign says KING FACE because of the squiggly font. We’ll definitely have to give it a whirl, stay tuned!

      1. DV

        late response BUT

        King Taco to go boxes have the same funny fat man on them. They are definitely big time, customized to go boxes and everything.

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