An Impossible Reflection on the 48 Hour Film Festival

Okay, so I tend not to write any blogposts that I wouldn’t want to read as an outsider to my own brainspace…i.e., unless it’s amusing or relevant, we don’t serve their kind here. But this weekend has been such an invigorating whirlwind that I absolutely need a mind dump, and this is the best space for that. I’m a very external person and I’m brimming over with so much inspiration and exhilaration that if I don’t release some of it into the ether, my gut’s gonna a-splode. I feel like a bunch of Monarch butterflies were freebasing and found their way into my belly.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

A while back, I got an e-mail from my cerebral doppelganger Kyle, inviting me to come participate in his team’s 48 Hour Film Fest project. I said of course, packed my bag, and yoinked Donnie’s car because my shady ass Neon isn’t trustworthy on a 400 mile trip. This was my first solo drive from AZ to CA, and it was pretty bitchin’. No one complained about my music or whined when I got off the highway for a coffee and a banana just because I could. Glorious!

Now, I have to make a confession here, and everyone I met this weekend either balked or wildly applauded when I told them this: I was driving to another state to work on a project where my only contact was someone I’d only tweeted and e-mailed. That’s right: I’d never met Kyle IRL, and I was about to go crash on his couch. In hindsight, probably one of the more “please, go ahead and murder me” moves I’ve made.

But thank the gods that I did, because this experience ended up being more amazing than I could have possibly anticipated. To be honest, I didn’t contribute that much to the actual project. Being brought into the team by the writer, I figured I’d be involved in breaking the story out, but that process was pretty crowded and there wasn’t a lot of room for creative input. Knowing how hard it is to write with too many people breathing down your neck, I left him to his own devices. Then into production, my trademark bossy take-charge leadership wasn’t required because there were enough creative and executive decisionmakers to render me obsolete. And in post-production…well, let’s be honest, even if I had been invited to participate I would get stressarhea from the sheer frustrated panic racing through me. FUCK EDITING. I would rather hold silent for 24 hours of recording room tone than have anything to do with either audio or visual editing. Barf.

So, how did I occupy myself throughout this extravaganza that spanned three days for me? I wandered around and met some of the most bitchin’ people I’ve ever met. I’ve never been so entertained in my life by total strangers, and I was there for the Great Comic Con Streetsleeper Party of 2010, so that’s really saying something. Actors, writers, production people…I was astounded by all the talent swirling around in that joint. And not just the talent, but the blinding intellect and wit! How often does someone stumble onto a hotbed of that many likeminded people?!

I’m soooo turned on by meeting new people and forming immediate and intense friendships, and I’ve never had lightning strike so many times in such a short timeframe before. People that I know I’ll be good friends with going forward, people I’ll work with and party with and have some raging shenanigans with for a long time.

The moral of the story: just roll with it, and if you’re lucky and/or awesome, things will turn out brilliantly.

Tune du Jour: 17 Years by Ratatat


4 thoughts on “An Impossible Reflection on the 48 Hour Film Festival

  1. scott

    Is it sad that when you said doppelganger Kyle this is what I thought of?

    Also, being that we have talked about having to crash on each others couches are you going to begin to make a habit if it now?


    1. bigenglish

      A) There’s never anything wrong with a free associative leap to Twin Peaks! 2) I will absolutely couchsurf my way across the continental US to crash on your glorious Canadian couch someday. III) Should you be interested in cashing in the return favor if you’re ever in Pasadena, mi sofá es tu sofá!

  2. Sometimes you have to make those ‘please murder me’ moves in order to have any real adventures. Spontaneity was never lauded as the safe bet, just as the far more interesting one! This sounds amazing.

    ~Tricia 😀

    PS For the benefit of my general entertainment, I may just start stalking your blog.

    1. bigenglish

      Hell yeah! I know you of all people would support my “get out and go”-ishness I exhibited this weekend. 🙂 Like you said, there’s so much more fun and excitement to be had when you go out on a limb, and I couldn’t be happier that I went out there! 🙂 I’m glad I finally have the link to your bloggie, let the mutual blogstalking begin!

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