Unemployed and loving it.


I know what you’re thinking: what an asshole, bragging about quitting her job when so many people are looking for work.

Well guess what, namecallers, this is a win-win scenario. I’m finally busting out of my soul-crushing job in mutual funds to focus on film production while we wait to move to California, AND someone who needs a job can have my old one. Well, actually, we already hired my replacement, but the jobless someone can have his old job. Or something.


Point is, I’ve been working full time for years, AND going after my double bachelors, AND I hated my job. Mama needs a break.

So, today is the first day of my sabbatical. Too bad I’ve got a raging sinus infection and I sound like Dr. Girlfriend (or as she’s now called, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch).

Other than that, my unemployment is off to a great start: just got home from California, where the Mexican side of the family threw me an amazing graduation party and then we spent Father’s Day with the Persian side of the family.

There’s a whole blog post (or two or three or twenty) that could be written about my family, but for now I’ll just say that I love them all and I’m so grateful to have such a huge wonderful hilarious dramatic crazy bunch of people in my life.

As for the rest of the summer, that shit’s gonna whiz by: tomorrow I’m on a plane heading for a secret destination that I can’t discuss yet. Mostly because it’s a secret mystery vacation we’re taking my sister on for her 21st birthday, and that little sneak will read this and ruin the surprise. So, yallz gotta wait for my recap blog post. Hint: I’ll probably bitch about my hair being poofy and out of control the whole time. I’ll look like the lovechild of Hagrid and Bruce Vilanch.

Try getting that mental image out of your head. You’re welcome.

More big news! Remember that horror comedy film I was going to be a PA for? Well, long story short, we’re doing a different film instead, and I went from PA to AD/Producer/actor.

THAT’S RIGHT. I said actor. I know, I know, I’m laughing too. Stay tuned for future blogposts where I cry about being a hack and a failure. I was going to try and keep the movie a secret now that I’m in it, but here’s my troll logic that helps me cope with it: Tina Fey got where she is by getting her ass on stage and doing improv, then moved into writing. If that’s what it takes, I’ll do it. I don’t care what I have to do to get my name out there and make the connections I need to get into writing…as long as my clothes stay on, I’ll do it.

So, our movie is called Goodbye, Light, and I’m so proud of it already. Our writer/director Tony is fuggin’ hilarious, and our cast (minus me) is so talented and hysterical. I’ve spent a few days with these kids and I already love this gig more than any job I’ve had before this. LOVE.

So, keep your eyes peeled for juicy details from the set, and hopefully I’ll have time to record and post a few vlogs from SECRET VACATION DESTINATION while I’m gone next week. Stay tuned!

Tune du Jour: instead of just throwing the name of the song out there, going forward you guys are getting YouTube links, a la Ricky Gervais’s blog! You’re welcome! So, here’s the first linked Tune du Jour. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Unemployed and loving it.

  1. New blog post FTW!

    I cannot even come close to accurately describing how jealous I am of you right now. If you’ve read my blog, you know how much I hate working and hate living in Arizona. Well… you are not working and you are moving out of Arizona. You’re livin’ the dream.

    Also… I know where the super secret vacation is and am quite jealous of that as well!!!

    Finally… your Tune du Jour is fabulous. Love that song and that band so damn much. Makes me happy happy happy when it comes up on my iPhone.

  2. bigenglish

    Thanks Adam!!! I know, I’m so grateful that the opportunity presented itself to make a clean break at work and get out of the state as soon as our movie wraps. Godspeed putting up with this place a little longer, at least you have a plan!

    I’m bringing my laptop and Hot Carl (the name of my video camera), so hopefully you’ll get to see the super secret vacation right away!!!

    That song is my default ringtone right now…kinda makes me not want to answer my phone so I can hear more of it. 😀

  3. lol I love having ringtones that are just too good to stop. My current ringtone is Love Letter to Japan by The Bird and The Bee and I get so excited every freakin time. Zeppelin is a damn good choice though.

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