On The Third Day Of Phx Comicon, Wil Wheaton Came To Me….

Let’s just skip all the “ohhh, it’s been so long since my last blog post, my bad” poppycock and do a quick recap: I finally graduated from ASU! We’re moving to California as soon as Donnie’s transfer goes through! We made it into the third round of casting for the Comic Con documentary! Wheeeee!

So, all three of those are fairly big deals for me. That last one is the Super Whammy, though. Additional recap: we heard that Joss Whedon was teaming up with Supersize Me’s Morgan Spurlock to do a documentary where four Comic Con goers would be followed throughout the Con, exploring what it means to each of them. No more news on it until last week, when the casting call finally went out. I nutted up and sent an e-mail to the production company, and within eight hours got a phone call from one of the casting associates. First Barrier achievement unlocked! I called her back and she started the phone interview…we spoke for about 10, 15-ish minutes about Donnie, Jenna and I, what the Con means to us and what our stories are. She and I really hit it off, and we zoomed straight into the next casting round: video submission. Now, the three of us are putting together a video where we have to be sufficiently geeky, hilarious, endearing and interesting. Tall order, for sure.

So, what did we do today? We went to the Phoenix Comicon and started filming our shenanigans. There was a lot of unexpected awesomeness, like James Marsters being incredibly honest and gracious at his panel, singing the Reading Rainbow theme with Levar Burton at the TNG reunion panel, and shooting the shit with the brilliant Georges Jeanty at his booth in the exhibition hall. But, there can only be one highlander awesomest moment of awesomeness. And the awesome star of this awesome moment? WIL WHEATON!

Okay, time for our favorite item: backstory time!

I’ve had a crush on Wil since I was a little girl. I’m talking, little little. Some of my favorite memories from my childhood were sitting on the sofa, watching TNG with my dad every week. With those big brown eyes, that tight Starfleet uniform, and that wunderkind attitude, I was in luv. Not love. LUV. Cut to years and years later. I’m sitting in AP History on the first day of 11th grade, and in walks the new kid. The record skipped, everything moved in slow motion, it was epic. He was gorgeous. And TOTALLY Wil Wheaton adjacent. I mean, the resemblance was uncanny. It was like someone had gone back to 16 year old Wesley Crusher, put him in a Kentucky hoodie, and sent him to 2003 for me. Smash cut back to the present, and I’ve been dating that new kid for 7+ years.

So, today at the Con I was a little bit nervous. And by a little, I mean a lot. And by a lot, I mean my hands were shaking. While we were waiting in line, we were trying to think of talking points to go over with him…namely, that he’s Donnie Prime and the two could be related. Also, I had a stroke of genius, whipped out my Twitter app on my iPhone, and typed “@wilw was here” and kept the page up.

And now, gentle viewers, you saw it here first. Our glorious three minutes with Wil Wheaton.

He laughed at all our jokes! He sent the tweet for me!  Look at the way his eyes lit up at my math joke at 1:16! Le sigh. Wil Wheaton, you’ve stolen my heart again. It helps that he looks eerily like the love of my geeky little life.

Wil, I’ll make a you a proposition: if by some horrible twist of fate both our partners are out the picture someday, let’s run away together.

Oh yah, and for the record, we didn’t edit out the beginning solely so we could illustrate the geek royalty we were near: Felicia “Codex/Penny” Day to the right, Aaron “Chief Tyrol” Douglas to the left.  Booyah.

So, stay tuned for news on the Comic Con documentary (which we lovingly refer to as the Comic KHAAAAAAN movie).  I’ll try to update this bad boy more frequently now that I have a degree in literature from a university.  Me = pretentious and fancy.

Pirshafiey out.


2 thoughts on “On The Third Day Of Phx Comicon, Wil Wheaton Came To Me….

  1. Can’t believe I didn’t go. I’m so insanely happy for you though! I can’t even imagine how happy you were. Good luck on that contest… you’re totally a shoo-in!

  2. Alan

    Awesome. Super excited for you. Weird that we didn’t run into each other since I was at that autograph booth AND that panel on Saturday (of course, the room was huge), but I did manage to run into 4 other people I knew, so I’m surprised the universe steered me clear of you three.

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