Dream a dream, WISHESSSSSSS, set you free! Yeah, I’m quoting the Disneyland firework show soundtrack.  Deal with it.

Apparently oral surgery brings good luck, because things are lookin’ up for our plucky hero!

Within the last week, I’ve got three production gigs lined up!

#1: I’m working on a paranormal investigation show as a production assistant and as a junior investigator.  We checked out the old Litchfield Cemetery last night, which wasn’t as terrifying as I’d imagined. Some weird unexplainable equipment malfunctions and creepy sensations, but nothing to make me run screaming to the nearest safe haven yet.

#2: I’ll be a production assistant and head female crew (whatever the fuck that means) on a campy hilarious horror film called Bloody Babe Boogie. I’m mostly there to make the actresses feel more comfortable when they take their clothes off and have pillow fights.  Yeah.  It’s that kind of horror film.  JEALOUS?

#3: PA again on a thriller that’s shooting in Tucson and Phoenix end of next month.  Not a ton of details on it so far, stay tuned.

So yeah, I was planning on going to Los Angeles with zero experience and was utterly terrified by the prospect.  Getting my feet wet and having something to include on my resume is such a relief.

Sidebar: my favorite flower in the entire world is in bloom on my nightstand and I’m in love.  Freesia, the most fragrant and delightful flower alive.

My stupid Trinity comic book still hasn’t arrived.  Also lost in the mail: my Healthcare Reform Obama shirt, my lychee berry extract supplements, and the CD I sent to my sister months and months and months ago.  That last one has been written off.  I’ll just hand deliver that shit when I see her next month.

Good news!  I’m finally graduating from ASU!  Pro-tip: don’t work full time while in college unless you’re okay with being a sixth-year senior.  I figure, I’m double majoring, so technically I could have spent 8 years in college without calling myself a total failure.  I’m Tommy Boy adjacent.  😦

Okay, some related bad news: I forgot to re-file my declaration of graduation and missed the deadline by a few days (!), so I won’t be walking in the commencement ceremonies.  Whatevs.  My hordes of relatives live in California and it’d be a hassle for them to make it anyway.  So instead, giant party in Yorba Linda in June, the weekend after I move!  Upgrade!

I have a photo shoot for my graduation pictures next Saturday.  Thinking about not eating anything until then so I can look like a rockstar.  Not that the bar is set very high by my MHS senior photo:

Woof indeed.  Nice middle part.  Honestly, why was that ever a thing?  NO ONE looks good with a center part.  If you’re thinkin’ to yourself “well, I can kinda pull it off,” you’re so wrong.  Trust me.  It’s called the Butt Cut for a reason.  AVOID AVOID AVOID.

I’m reading too many books at once again.  I’m halfway through Walt Disney: An American Original and A Persian Odyssey, I’m nearly done with Which Lie Did I Tell Again? by the incomparable William Goldman, I’m working through Billy Mernit’s Writing the Romantic Comedy, and I’m re-reading Lord of the Rings.  FFFFFFFUUUUU….  I always do this!  I have literary ADHD.

Donnie the Tyrant is trying to sabotage the writing of the blog post, so I’ll leave you with this knowledge bomb: your odds of being killed by space debris are approximately 1 in 5 billion.  Please plan accordingly.


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