Insomniac Theatre

Yeah, I’m not sleeping tonight.  I accidentally had a coffee at 9PM, and I never have caffeine.  I feel like my brain is a rainbow strapped to a rocketship.  Wheeeeeeee!

Personal updates: my dear dear friend and sister Brianne “Cougar” Downs officially married her honey Patric “Childbride” Marshall last night.  There was much rejoicing!  I cried, like a baby…a hungry, angry baby.  Our group of friends (hereinafter referred to as Omegabed for reasons that shall remain shushied) is now 50% married or engaged.  YIKES.  Also, Donnie bought a “new” car on Saturday, which promptly broke down on Monday morning.  After the dealer fixed it up and did all the maintenance this morning that we demanded, what else could possibly happen but for our neighbor to crash into it tonight?   I swear, my imagination is useless compared to the nonsensical bullshit that actually happens in real life.  Also also, my little sister Beaver is in town visiting from San Luis Obispo.  And there was much rejoicing!

I.e., it’s been a rollercoaster these past two days.

In writing news: the CBS Writers Mentoring Program is now accepting submissions.  Good news?  We’re sufficiently diverse enough as a writing team.  I mean, have you met us?  We’re like an ad for the United Nations; just throw in a little “Kofi Annan” and we’re good to go.  Bad news?  Not only do they require a spec script (which we’ve written, rewritten, and polished until it gleams), but they also want an “original work” in the form of a screenplay, stage play or a short fiction story.  We have none of these ready to go.  What we do have is a preliminary beat sheet for a romcom we’ve been throwing around for about a year.

Enter the Script Frenzy challenge: 30 Days, 100 pages, one month.  Why, don’t mind if I do.  Challenge accepted!  I figure if we can finish pinning down the outline by the first week of April, we’ll fly through actually writing the script and have it ready to go by the May 3 CBS deadline.

Cut to me on April 30 tearing my fucking hair out and drinking myself into a Hunter S. Thompson-esque haze.  Save me from myself.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go take a downer to counteract my upper.  Goodbye, sanity, helloooooo Judy Garland.

Somewhere, over the rainbow…there’s another rainbow.

Tune du Jour: Rudie Can’t Fail by The Clash



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