The Downer That Is UP

For a writer, I sure as fuck didn’t do my entertainment industry research this year.  I’m pretty sure I only saw maybe three or four Oscar-nominated films this year.

One of those movies?  The widely beloved UP.  I’d avoided it up until last night because every grown person I know who has seen it fessed up to crying.  Um, I cried during Sandra Bullock’s acceptance speech last night.  I know my limits.

Buuuut, when someone uses an Unforgivable Curse on you, you’re helpless.  THAT’S RIGHT: Donnie used my own wand (an eleven inch holly with phoenix feather, if you must know) to perform the Imperius Curse on me so I’d watch the movie.

I wasn’t too nervous, though, because most people told me things like, “oh, it’s only bad in the first ten minutes,” or “oh, it’s really sweet so you’re not too sad.”


I know I’m prone to exaggerate.  I’m a writer.  It’s what I do.  But I shit you not when I say that my face was wet the entire movie.  I could barely even manage a laugh at the cute bits because I was still trying to heal from the soulrape that just wouldn’t quit.

You know what’s the panacea for having your heart stomped on and set on fire by a kid’s movie?  Going to Disneyland.  And wouldn’t you know it, but we’re headed there in T minus two weeks.  BOOYAH.  Take that, Disney!  I’m gonna heal from my Disney-inflicted wounds with some Disneyland magic!

Wait…circular logic.  Error, error.  BZZZZZZZZZT.

Tune du Jour: West Coast by Coconut Records


One thought on “The Downer That Is UP

  1. I saw Up in the theater in 3D and was weeping almost the entire time. Heather kept asking me if I was okay. God damn I love that movie. Marry me, Pete Docter.

    Oh yeah. I went and saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D last night and the 3D trailer for Toy Story 3 came on… totally cried. Oh man… I cannot wait!

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